Monday, June 24, 2024

PEACE: Stay the Course


The experiences and encounters in our personal lives are a sign that the road we travel is ever-changing. The evolution of the universe exposes the truth we must face: the real and sometimes unpleasant reality that our lives will always change, and the only safe route is to stay the course.

Routines give us peace. The routine of knowing that unconditional love is there and should never be taken for granted. Always celebrate the people and places that bring meaning and purpose to your day-to-day life. Spend time on the most important things in your life — the things you treasure most.

The things that you treasure require attention. Even if you and your needs are things you treasure — find the time to properly schedule you in the equation of life.

Ex-out those things and people that brings stress, discomfort, and negativity. The life we live gives us only today — and it can never be recaptured. So, remember to live the best life possible, and give time and space to those who have priority.

“Stay the course.” It is a charge fueled by the purpose around you, as you smile with gratitude for God’s gifts. Your peace will soon manifest into daily joy.

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