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PEACE: Your Best Self

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Many of us are our own worst critics. We examine ourselves from the reflection of expectations that surround us. Judging personal excellence against an imaginary status quo is a false measurement that cannot fulfill your eternal soul — the soul that breaks through the barriers of restraint for our own truth to be revealed.

The courageous soul is one that possesses the self-confidence to deliver unconditional love for all. That love is the foundation of all excellence that is embraced and felt by your authentic heart.

Your best self is waiting eagerly to break free, while the world waits to quench its thirst on your innovative movement to elevate humanity. Maybe this is why so many try hard to resist and subdue the self in you — because that is your best. The sin of jealousy is a very dangerous serpent. It can kill all hearts and spirits, but most importantly it is a killer of self.

Use your intellect to reckon with those things that make your secure steps unsteady. Block the noise within that makes you feel unloved or insecure when you start to rise.

Everyone has their own individual time to blossom into what the Creator has made. There are no duplications — and the only creation of man is the individual who walks in the footsteps of others without putting their best self forward.

We all need to practice and improve on the love we give and show. This is the essential time when the doors of our best self are open. The flood of success and internal gratification will fill your heart — giving birth to your authentic voice. A voice that can be heard and that can heal. Can you hear your own voice sometimes? Do you ever wonder where and how you came up with the words that spoke your truth and everyone listened?

Remember the love you show is the love you give yourself. Peace is there for those who see.

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