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50 Shades Of Black: A Fictitious Exotic Journey For “The Best Part”

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‘I See You’

A late night, tacos, and a tender first kiss set off fireworks for Maximus and Zena.

Every morning at work I see him in the break room getting his coffee. Wrapping his strong hands around his mug and slowly adding his required sugar and cream. He is always in a rush to get back to his office, but never misses a subtle “Good Morning” greeting while taking a sip of his coffee.

I have to be honest, the fantasy of him in my mind far exceeds the professional demeanor I uphold in the office. I must be crazy and I really need this job. So, I better stop. But, I can’t help wondering if he is feeling me like I am feeling him. I have so much to do today, it will be a long day. Everyone in the office seems to know their place and exactly what it takes to make their objectives happen. I look forward to the day I really find my comfort zone at Onyx. I have to keep reminding myself, “Zena, this is your dream come true, working at a leading advertising firm where you can show your creativity through your work. Girl, this is you.”

The sun slowly came up and quickly went down on the Onyx building, as everyone leaves after a long work day. There is a knock on Zena’s door.

“Yes, come in.”

Ms. Mitchell enters, “Zena, you know you are the last one still in the office?”

“Really, time has just gotten away from me. But, I still have so much to do tonight.”

“Well, don’t stay up here too long. Tell the security downstairs when you leave so he can escort you to the parking garage.”

“Okay, Ms. Mitchell. I will.”

Zena continues to tap away at her computer, but then realizes that she is in the Onyx building alone. She leans back in her office chair with pride, and then turns up the volume on her Bluetooth speakers. Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” blasts throughout the building and Zena starts singing along. She passionately gets up from her office chair and with closed eyes while swaying back and forth to the song.

To her surprise, Maximus stands in her office doorway admiring her rhythmic moves. She slowly turns towards her doorway and is startled to see him standing there.

“Oh, Mr. Johnson, I thought there was no one here left in the building,” she stutters. He smiles and says, “Yes, all but one — and call me Maximus. I stay working late at night. That is how we remain number-one in the industry. But I am leaving now — and if you are done with your work, I will walk you to your car.”

Zena gazes and says, “Yes, that will be nice and I won’t have to call security to do it. Let me gather my things and turn off my music.”

Maximus smiles and says, “Okay I have to gather some things from my office also and I will meet you at the elevator.”

Zena hurries to gather her things and to shut off her computer. She reminds herself to slow down and to not look so anxious. So her stride down the hall towards the elevator slows down to a effortless glide.

Maximus replies, “I hope you were finished with your work. I didn’t mean to interrupt anything. You know you could have stayed to complete it.”

Zena shakes her head. “Oh, no. My deadline is not until next week, I was just getting a jump on everything.”

As they go down the elevator, Maximus looks at his phone to check his messages. Zena wonders if he has any real interest in her. She thinks to herself, “This is my chance to see if he is interested in me. He is so professional and it might be up to me to make a move. Okay, Lord be with me.”

“Maximus, I am so hungry and there’s a 24- hour taco spot down the street if you would like to join me?”

“Zena, that is nice. I am kind of hungry. I will follow you in my car because I have to get home and let my dog outside.” Zena smiles, “Okay.”

All seemed to move in slow motion as Zena drives to Taco Take Out. She wonders what he is thinking, and whether she crossed a professional line by asking him to join her. She wonders if the one bench is available for them to eat their tacos and if she should buy her own. She takes a deep breath and orders her tacos while he looks on the wall menu.

“Zena, what’s good here?”

“Oh, the chicken tacos are wonderful and the fish tacos are good.” Maximus indicates to the server, “I will have one of each and Zena what do you want?”

“I like two chicken tacos and that’s it,” she says.

The streetlight gleams on the outside bench where Zena sees is open. “I will take care of mine,” Zena says.

“Now, I know that we work together, but I’m a gentleman and I got this.”

After receiving their food, they both take a seat on the outside bench where they eat their tacos and have conversation. They laugh and talk until the moon moves behind the trees. They are both shocked by how comfortable they feel and start to share details about each other that no other persons in their lives know. As the fall breeze ruffles the leaves on the surrounding trees, their shared laughs pause by an intense meeting of their eyes.

Their eyes bring them closer together like magnets and Zena prepares for the kiss she has longed for. Suddenly, Maximus leans his head to the left and gently kisses her neck while making little kisses around her collarbone and back up her neck to her lips.

And the fireworks go off between the warm caresses of Zena’s thighs. Maximus gently whispers in Zena’s ear, “I see you.”

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