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‘What are you voting for in this election cycle?’

Tim Cunningham Vote for the candidate that has your best interest at heart.

Stephanie Williams Voting for the ones who live up to, as close as possible, to my beliefs and values.

Lloyd Scott All I can say to people is to do some research by any means necessary. Vote in the best interests of the people. If you like your property tax raised, then stay away from me. If you got money for others and not for the people who need it most, stay away from me. Our children are going to need good schools, a career, a nice place to live, and a life for the children they will have one day. Just remember that. It is mandatory to register and to vote.”

Kelvin Gordon I’m not voting for anything crazy and racist. I vote Democratic because Trump represents what many Republicans represent. Look who — and how they — put Kavanaugh in as Supreme Court Justice, and look at how Mitch McConnell stopped Elizabeth Warren from reading a letter warning people about the racist bigotry of Jeff Sessions. We know at one time Democrats were very racist and Republicans were more, I guess you can say, “mainstream.” But, it’s not so much the party of yesteryear; it’s the mentality behind the parties today. So, it’s a combination of both things. There’s no way I can support or even be friends with someone who supports a President that has thousands of children locked in cages because of their race and ethnic background.”

Dosja M. Bailey-Sanford I don’t know any more.


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