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MOVING THE NEEDLE: Vegas Can Turn Tragedy Into Triumph

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Vegas Can Turn Tragedy Into Triumph


Dr Tiffany Tyler

This month marks the anniversary of October 1 — a day that rocked our community to its core. Las Vegas experienced overwhelming loss and grief, and our sense of public safety was forever changed. In its wake came many lessons, a new awareness, and unparalleled strength.

We discovered a profound disconnection and connection. We discovered that one man could be so disconnected from humanity, that he could take dozens of lives in the span of a few moments. We also discovered that we were connected as a community through an outpouring of unprecedented love and support.

With this new collective consciousness, I ask us to consider what lessons can be gleaned to aid us in successfully educating Nevada’s students.

Minimally, I believe we can leverage the shining example of community support that occurred in the wake of this profound tragedy. I ask us to consider the ways that we can show up for the children living in trauma in our community.

October 1 enabled us to discover that there is a role for each of in the wake of tragedy — whether it’s donating resources, ensuring emotional support, or responding to vital healthcare needs.

Similarly, children in schools need resources, emotional support and may be experiencing any number of trauma-inducing experiences — including housing instability, food insecurity, and abuse. As citizens of this great community, we have a newfound sense of our ability to respond to widespread trauma.

I believe we can also leverage a new understanding of the impact of trauma. The impact of trauma on our collective psyche and our individual experience can be pervasive, persistent, and daunting. It is possible to experience trauma that compels you to mourn collectively, that results in paralysis or apathy, or results in a general inability to cope.

Moreover, October 1 taught us that the journey of experiencing and recovering from trauma will vary — and is often strongly informed by our internal and external resources. Given this new understanding, we may now come to better understand the journey of healing and the conditions needed to ensure support for children living with trauma.

As we observe October 1, I ask us to maximize the lessons gained in the wake of this tragedy. Let’s us take the pain and lessons of this tragedy to more deeply invest in our community, our children, our future!

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