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PEACE: Submit to love

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“I walk in love. I talk in love, and I submit my life to love.” Yes, these oaths of love are filling holes in our lives. Sometimes, chaos seems to be so far away until it comes knocking on your door.

The practice of love is something we must discipline our minds to submit to. It is so easy to join ill-fated intentions, words and actions. The universe is asking for your conscious awakening and deliberate actions of love. Love expressed to counter hate.

Everything and everyone is too fragile to harbor or express hate. The strong will be weak in hate’s grasp. Hate is a rabid disease that is transmitted through words and actions.

Arm yourself, your family, your neighborhood and environment with love. Hate cannot live surrounded by love. Be the army of love that is on a mission each and every day to dispel hate.

Hate is really fear — and like a bad dream, the cure is to wake up. Love is there, and we who understand must express it through our words, actions and concern. The spirit of “I see you” gives you license to open up to those who are scared and hurting. Pay attention when hate is around you — and banish it with love.

Be the “Army of Love” that fights magnified hate. This is what the world needs today — and even more importantly, it is what is needed in our own lives. To give love is to receive love from the righteous.

We have to make the oath and commitment to stand firm in love. If we do, the foundation of our lives will be strong. Peace is embedded in the love you share.

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