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Community Speaks

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What will you do differently in 2019?

Kimberly Bailey
I will thank God the current U.S. President
only has two more years in office and visit a country I have never visited.

Monique Hawkins Sims
I will focus less on myself and more on
others and their needs. I will be more active
in my community.

Patricia Snowden
I am 66, soon to be 67. I will focus on my
health, eat better and take care of myself
so I can give back to the community. I have missed out on a lot of things.

Tasha Robinson White
I am planning to slow down and smell the
roses. I recently made a commitment to
become a living kidney donor. I admit, I
initially wanted to do this so my family
member could have my kidney. However,
we didn’t match. But I still want to give
my kidney to someone in need. So I am
giving my kidney to a stranger who I am
a match with. If you are healthy, you can live with one kidney. You have a spare to share.

Keith Bowen
Relax and enjoy life.

Donna Horn Davis
Go back to school so I can actually find a career I love and can retire from.

Gail Anderson
I will pray more, exercise more, eat healthier, read, meditate, and fast. I want to get out more and explore Nevada.

Norman Erik Pullen
I will put more emphasis on my home businesses. Hopefully, be able to advertise in LV Black Image Magazine. Work in the industry and have my Masonic lodge up and running. Also, I will travel more.

William Robert
I would like to volunteer more — get involved
with the community in the areas that need it the most.

Alex Cotton
Hopefully become a graphic designer for
Las Vegas Black Image Magazine. That
would be dope.

Dottie Davis
I will be focusing more on my faith, health, community contribution, and becoming a better person.

Sheila Lacy
I want to finish my book. It’s called,
“Breathe Life After the Pain in My Life.”
I want to meet new people that will be
positive in my life.

Peter Radd
The first ten checks I write for the New
Year I’ll put 2018, then say, “Oh, damn,
I did it again— it’s 2019, dummy.” Where
did 2018 go?

Juanita Julia
I will laugh more.

Jackie Phillips
Pursue my passions.

Jerrina McKinney
I will smell all of the roses.

Darvina Jackson–Shelton
I will network more and advertise.

Janice Tililayo Garner
I will dig deeper into myself.

Joseph E. Johnson
I will remember my forefathers and foremothers for who and what they were.

Aaliyah Ratliff
I’ve decided to love myself completely — flaws and all.

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