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Getting to the Magic Kingdom, making him put down the controller, and why you can’t force hubby into the church pews


Big Mama, I want to take my children to Disneyland this summer — but my finances are low, and I’m living paycheck to paycheck. What should I do?

There are different ways you can possibly do this. I remember one time, when I was in church, the pastor asked the congregation If anyone had plans to go to San Diego Zoo? He indicated that someone in the church would like to join them, because they wanted to take their family, but their car wasn’t working. So someone volunteered in the church to take the family and they had a wonderful time and money was saved. You can also have a pie sale, do a car wash or, work a temporary position on your off days and save to take your children to Disneyland. You can do this

Big Mama, how do I get my son to give more attention to his school work instead of playing video games and going out with his friends?

Easy: take the games away until he gives attention to his school work and overall learning. Put him on a schedule for time to spend with his friends and time to do his studies. You have to get involved and see it through.

Big Mama, how do I get my husband to go to church with me?

You can’t control your husband, but you can start to go to church on a regular basis and he will see you doing this. He will be curious and might surprise you one day and join you.


Big Mama, my children want me to get them a dog, but I don’t think they understand what having a dog means. What do I do?

If you have a friend with a dog or a new puppy, have your children ask to dog sit for a few days out of the week — that includes walking the dog, playing with the dog, feeding the dog, and picking up the  poop. Show them what it means to take on the responsibility of caring for a dog. Even if they want to go and do their own activities with their friends — “Oh no, you have to walk the dog and up the dog poop.” Then after a month, see if they still want a dog.

How do I fix a relationship with a family member I haven’t spoken to in a long time?

You just do it. Don’t text or call them; try to see them in person and just give them a familiar smile and a hug and tell them you miss them. Then you can ask to talk — and don’t do a lot of talking. Try to listen.


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