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NUBIAN WELLNESS: Love begins and ends in our own home kitchen

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Love begins and ends in our own home kitchen


A wise person once told me, “Love begins and ends in the Kitchen.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

In the morning, when you wake up, does not the aroma of warmth and comfort dancing from the oven fill the air with a feeling of love — because your belly is ready for nourishment? In the evening, before you rest your mind, body and soul for the night, does not the warmth of tea leaf and honey settle your nerves in a spiritual way? If you’re not sure, just try it.

There is a major difference between “going out to eat” or picking up “takeout” and bringing it home to eat, and going to the grocery store to actually handpick your very own ingredients specifically designed to heal your specific needs. Preparing food at home demands scheduling, thought, detail and focus. Creating our own specific menus in our own private kitchens demands self-love.

The demands of survival in our lifestyles dictate speed — making us believe that we simply do not have the time to prepare our own food in our own homes. Understandable. However, what if we brought back the art of preparing our own meals as an act of self-love, not only for ourselves but for those whom we love? What if this art of self-love saved us money, healed our ailments, and brought us closer together as a community — all at the same time?

You don’t need a huge shift in your daily routine to incorporate more home cooking for yourself and your loved ones. Start small-small. Challenge yourself to substitute one day you would normally go out to purchase prepared food, and prepare something new for yourself and/or your family. Play your favorite song while wearing your favorite socks or sweater, and get to creating some love in your kitchen!

Play with one new produce ingredient a week to start. Go to the produce section and let your eyes follow the colors and textures of food pulled from the earth. For this experiment, stay away from packaged/processed food (preservatives deplete the work you will put into the kitchen within your body.) Stick with foods that grow from the ground. Start with green leaf, roots, herbs, and peppers (boosting the immune system).

Some of my favorite ingredients in my staple morning smoothie: kale, turmeric, black pepper, ginger root, lemon, water (sometimes I add pineapple or mango or banana.). Yes, I never leave home without it. This little concoction not only regulates my digestion for the day, but it is created daily by my husband especially for me every morning. My husband is a man of very few words — but his displays of love through food set me on fire every day! Ooh wee!

In my interviews with people regarding their intentions in love for 2019, the number-one response I

received, whether single or in a relationship, was dedicating more time for intimacy.

The way I see it, how does one reach new levels consistently in the bedroom without the right nourishment? Sexy, smart snacking is the key to boosting intimacy. Prepare something small for your partner and watch their energy pop — not only in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom. Orchestrate life through the food you prepare in your own kitchen at home! Sharing is caring.

Be smart about what you prepare in your kitchen. The goal is not to pass out after eating a meal! Eat

often and eat light. The goal is to become inspired by the party of flavors lingering in your mouth long after you have swallowed your snack. This strategy of eating gives you more time to create innovative ideas to move forward with purpose — both with yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s take self-love to the next level in 2019. If you think about it, it is a type of returning home initiative through your very own kitchen. Your ancestors are cheering you on. Just do it. I promise, you will thank yourself later.

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