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Patently True

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Patently True

How two Las Vegas cousins are protecting an invention with the potential to save lives.

Charlotte Watkins

Obtaining a patent can be one of the most highest hurdles for entrepreneurs trying to get an invention to market. Charlotte Watkins and her cousin, engineer Paul Lockwood, recently cleared it with an unnamed invention that is is currently designated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as the “Wearable Alarm System Bracelet.”

Said Lockwood: “The Wearable Alarm System Bracelet has a lot of functionalities that you would expect out of a wireless device in this new day of technology. It is a standalone communication system that has a transceiver and senses one’s environment.”

Watkins said the idea was born out of tragedy. “I was reading one day about all of the drownings in Las Vegas and thought to myself, ‘How could these have been prevented?’” she recalled. “Many young children were reported as dying

due to drowning in a pool or suffering brain damage because the parent was unaware of the child being submerged in water for a period of time. So, this idea came to me. I really dream about ideas for new products all the time, and I never move forward on the concepts. But after seeing others come up with business ideas that I have thought of as well, I decided this time would be different. I would really work to create something and protect the concept with a patent.”

The family members hope to sell the “Wearable Alarm System Bracelet” to a company or license it out.

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