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Remembering a spouse, mad at mom, and hopeful for the children

Big Mama, I am 74 years of age and I recently lost my husband. I really don’t know what to do with myself because my world centered around my husband. How can I go on and live a happy life?

Well, I understand. But, I would suggest you make a list of all the things you have enjoyed in your life and those things people admire you for. I find that giving back to others helps create happiness and a life of purpose. Wake up with a big “thank you,” and get up and out every day. You never know what you will find. Life is for the living.

Big Mama, I get so mad at my mother when she doesn’t want to babysit my child. How can I deal with being resentful?

You said it: your child. Even though your mother is the grandmother, your child is your responsibility and maybe it would be nice if you paid for a babysitter sometimes and then took your mother out on the town. Your mother might want to live a little bit, and she deserves it.

Big Mama, should I stop eating meat to stay healthy and live long?

People have different opinions about health and what to eat. I know that there are a lot of reports about eating meat and how it is not good for you. I would just like to add that people should make sure that the food they eat is clean. I swear I can’t stand when I don’t see people washing their hands and then touch my food.

Big Mama, how many children should a woman have and still live a life she desires?

I tell young women to just be “woke” when you make decisions about having children. I would hope that young ladies wait to get married before having children, but if not get your business in order. Create a support system of people who can help you, your child — and have a plan for yourself. Make your dream plan that is going to make you work a little harder, but worth it in the end.

Big Mama, how do I encourage my children to be serious about their life and to not take it for granted?

Give them a goal a week and ask that they reach their one weekly goal by the end of the week. It can be a small goal, but make sure that they spend some time figuring out how to reach it and achieve a positive result. It can be reading several passages in the Bible and writing down what the verse means to them. Create a hustle for life.


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