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NUBIAN WELLNESS: 400-Year Return to Africa

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400-Year Return to Africa



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The math is before us: 2019-1619=400 years. In order to move forward, one must remember to look back. Let’s educate our minds on what Africa was before colonization.

In today’s society, there are so many gods to worship, but the key question is: which god is our original source? Why were those original African gods stripped from us?

Do we have the strength and courage to reconnect with them? Has our original source ever left us? Have we fallen victim, through deception and lies, to fearing what we are while doubting what our minds naturally create and what we are foundationally capable of programming?

Is it time we take the mute button off our original personal spiritual communicated messages? Traditional sacred African practices — which includes all tribes, now globally dispersed — have been tarnished and damned by modern organized religions. Has modern organized religion divided us in spirit?

Do we, now, feel the need to reunite with Africa? Are we ready to listen to our minds calling us back to Africa in any way possible? Did you see the movie “Black Panther?” Of course you did — and you liked it.

Ancestry: the evolutionary or genetic line of descent.

The Diaspora is the African population dispersed around the globe outside of the African continent. The dispersing of the African bloodline 400 years ago (when the first ship full of people was unwillingly shipped from Africa’s shores) set the planet on a new trajectory of development. Through time, space, pain, tribulation, triumph and new discoveries, the spirit of Africa still runs in our blood.

Our bloodline is a mighty nation, and our ancestors guide our every move. That is their job, as it is our job to listen. Their messages come from within; the answer always manifests when we are ready to listen.

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are our tools. Sun, Moon, Seasons and Natural Occurrences are our guides gifted to us by source.

The stars that make up our Universe and the travel that creates our evolutionary progress are both solid examples of our gifted foundations, which are offered to all who acknowledge their value. Don’t let the system lead you to believe it is not important. These natural elements of life guide our everyday senses. Communication to the world of natural elements coordinates with your natural God-given essence. Pay attention to nature. Pick up that rock, gaze into that flame, watch the moon’s ebb and flow, rise with the sun, drink water as much as your favorite beverage and eat plants as if your life depends on it.

Politics. With the presidential campaign season at hand, remember to think about where you came from and why our country still stands divided on race relations.

Before you throw stones at black candidates running for office, ask yourself whether throwing shade at them will help or hurt you in the long run. Can I somehow, innovatively yet constructively, join their efforts by holding them accountable in taking power for the people? Or, am I going to do what so many people have done in the past: opt out of caring because “we don’t have any power anyway?”

Another huge obstacle our people are always subjected to: “am I going to fold under the pressure of surviving my lifestyle and agree to be silently paid off by a bigger institutionalized systems”? The choice is our individual choice to make. But you know what they say: history has a funny way of repeating itself when you’re not paying attention to the details.

When the seasoned farmer plants her harvest, she calculates when and where  her seeds are planted. The seeds take root in the original soil and grow by nature’s control. When it is time to reap the harvest of the original seeds’ manifestations, the farmer then pulls the nurtured plant from the soil and disperses the product for distribution for all consumers to enjoy.

While giving yourself a moment to think about the fact that 2019 is the 400th Anniversary of the first ship that set sail from Africa packed tight with human beings stolen from their homes, remember where their seeds were originally planted. We, African-Americans, are descendants of those seeds. Yes, our original lineage comes from Africa. Through time and space, we have been distributed globally, but our original seeds come from Africa.

To return home in mind and spirit is to acknowledge our original roots that enabled our many delicious attributes. Let us regain our dignity in embracing, not only our ancestors here in America, but let us remember our original home: Africa. The kings and queens of ancient Africa were the original rulers of civilization.

Don’t forget where you came from; in fact, now that you have embraced the fact that you come from the richest continent on the planet, Mother Africa, invest in her land. Your ancestors are cheering you on. I promise, you will thank yourself later.


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