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I’m No Longer Mad — Just Disappointed

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I’m No Longer Mad — Just Disappointed BY LOUIE OVERSTREET Like most of you, my emotions typically go from disappointment to anger when thinking about negative consequential matters. When Americans elected Trump, I skipped being disappointed and went straight to mad. However, rather than allowing myself to go from mad to insane, I returned to being disappointed in America. The promise of America is the bargain that this […]

PEACE: I’m Good

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Life brings good times and bad ones. The phrase “I’m good” is an affirmation that we tell ourselves and others when anything tries to knock us off the path to infinite peace. The ultimate defense in this crazy world is the silent voice within that says, “I’m good.” We have to be there for ourselves to reduce the turmoil in our hearts and […]

Dead Serious

Dead Serious Is Tyler Perry ready to put a beloved character to rest? Director, actor, and screenwriter Tyler Perry is releasing the final Madea movie, “A Madea Family Funeral.” Over the course of 10 movies the matriarchal character has gone to jail, hid out in the witness protection program, battled zombies, confronted the KKK, decked the halls and dealt with every conceivable size and […]

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