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Going vegan for Beyoncé?

Angie Tea

Things that make you laugh while you’re thinking — but don’t spill the tea 😉

#1. Beyoncé is pushing for her fans to go vegan.

“No, thank you”

In exchange you could win lifetime access to Jay-Z and Beyoncé concerts!

“I’m just playing, I’m doing it!”

The giveaway is happening through a collaboration with The Greenprint Project. This will show you how to eat on a vegan diet and how one plant-based meal a day can help the environment from air quality to water conservation. So, I checked out the website and it’s pretty informative.

Fans can enter the contest at any point between now and April 22. The winner will be selected in May. Good luck Tea Sippers!

#2. Listen up now: we can’t be left behind on this one!

As of right now, 33 states in the U.S. allow legalized recreational or medical marijuana, and all 50 allow CBD. With this growing industry comes more demand and opportunity; it has been reported that cannabis jobs are paying 11% more than the U.S. median salary.

In 2018, the job market jumped 76% in just one year — making over 1,500 professional and technical roles available including roles like brand ambassador, sales associate, store manager and wellness coordinator. Median pay is a little less than $60,000 a year. Let that sink in for a second.

3. #SayWhaatNewz: Woman busted for DUI from pure vanilla extract.

After receiving a call that a woman was slumped over in her driver’s seat, a Connecticut officer reported that he could smell the vanilla on her breath and there were several bottles inside the car. After failing the sobriety test she was arrested.

Chiiiile, whew!

So I did some digging and discovered that vanilla extract contains about 41% alcohol (82 proof). In the cooking process, the alcohol is normally burned away — but if consumed directly, it can have similar effects to drinking liquor. Who knew?

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