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MOVING THE NEEDLE: Acceptance on the road to harmony

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Acceptance on the road to harmony


Dr Tiffany Tyler

April marks International Heritage Month. In the wake of the New Zealand mosque attack and recent Clark County student arrests surrounding racially-charged social media posts, I want to highlight how International Heritage Month can be opportunity to discuss and amplify acceptance. While much can be said about our journey as a nation and community, recent events suggest that more can be done to create conditions where heritage is not a charged discussion about differences — but rather an opportunity to celebrate the ways in which we are made stronger through our rich and evolving diverse community.

As I ponder the state of our education system and its role in educating our children, I am reminded of the many opportunities we as citizens have to partner in educating children and fostering a culture of acceptance by:

  • What we choose to model
  • How and with whom we choose to engage in our daily lives
  • Our ability to tap into our shared humanity
  • Our willingness to embrace others 

As we consider our heritage, I hope we will be mindful of our shared journey of perseverance, hope, and faith. When I consider my own journey, I am reminded of the many opportunities I am given each day to build bridges with others. I am also mindful that the concerted effort that is the process of acceptance requires each of us to embrace ourselves and others. Acceptance demands a certain ambidexterity, the ability to:

  • See myself while seeing others
  • Hold true to my convictions while allowing for the ideals of others
  • Understand while seeking to be understood

This ambidexterity is no small feat. It must be taught — and can only be learned through patience, exploration, and a willingness to try.

As we consider what International Heritage Month should and can mean, I hope we will consider a world where we can all be safe, accepted, supported and understood. I hope we will consider the opportunities we have to foster the acceptance of others while knowing ourselves. As International Heritage Month commences, join me in fostering acceptance.

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