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YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Dr. Ellen Brown

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Who stole our power?



What happens when someone “steals” your power? How does that make you feel? What actions can you take? Will you trust again? What does it mean?

Power emanates from trust. In politics, trust comes from the people who believe in leaders enough to put our trust in the vote. When an elected official receives trust from the people, she better be ready to stand strong and represent all that embodies that very important power given by the people.

When you stumble…well, “things happen.” When you fall, it’s very hard to take because now we all suffer from the fall. We all are subject to sarcasm, loss of credibility, embarrassment and loss of faith in the person and the system.

I have been out in the trenches of politics in some way or another since I was a little girl. My mom took me door-to-door in our neighborhood when she decided (as an underdog) to run for the school board of our little community. She won! Ever since, I have advocated for exercising our right to choose who we want in office. To prove it, I’ve door-knocked, phone-banked, campaign-managed, fundraised, experienced election night celebrations and disappointments. In the end, I learned that we not only want our people to win that seat — we want them to seize it, and lead us all to more power!

When our power is stolen by betrayal, bad choices or clandestine deeds, we grieve but keep on fighting for justice. When our power is stolen by greed, self-serving gratification, incompetence, deceit, or ignorance it is a very hard reality to face. Many people lose trust forever.

We cannot afford to give up our power. In pre-election articles, I begged you to make our elected officials accountable for our support that led to their seats at the table. Call them out when they need it. If they become annoyed, remind them that we are on their sides. We want you in Washington, Carson City and every Board and Council in Clark County. I am just begging you to help us keep our power!

Ellen writes on political topics that encourage interest, discussion and action. Have a comment, question or idea? Contact Dr. Brown at

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