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Keeping kids out of summertime trouble, spending spouse-less time with friends, and staying true to a diet with a fast food husband

Big Mama, what should I do with my teenage children for the summer months, so that they are not bored and don’t get into things they shouldn’t?

Have your children get involved with being your house managers. Give them responsibilities that build confidence. Have them remind you of important things you want to accomplish during the week. Tell them you are preparing them to be the CEOs of their own households. Stay engaged with them and structure their time for business, family, and free time to have fun.

Big Mama, how can I give myself and my husband our own individual time in our home to enjoy our friends?

It’s all about time. Chose the time that you want to have friends over and your husband can have his time. Give each other a “time out,” to enjoy good friends undisturbed.

Big Mama, when should I quit my job if I don’t want to wait for retirement?

If you are still at an age where you can’t retire, don’t quit a job unless you have another or a savings that can save you economically if you need it.

Big Mama, how do I stay on my diet when my husband brings home fast food all the time?

You can try to have a serious conversation with him and make him feel empowered by empowering you to stay on your diet. Or, you just have to be strong and don’t eat foods that are bad for you and your weight loss goals. You have to LOVE YOU.

Big Mama, how do I tell my supervisor at work that I was insulted by something that was done without jeopardizing our good working relationship?

Pick the perfect time when your supervisor might receive what you would like to share. Body language is so important. You have to put your own need to speak up on the back burner until the time is right to share. The rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours before you speak when you are upset.


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