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Community Speaks – May 2019

What’s the best advice your mother ever gave you?

Yesica Quiles My mother always says to me, “Love no matter what. No matter how ugly they may be inside, always love.”

Wilma Easley Roberts Always make sure you have your own: your own money, house, car, and most of all, husband.

Vincent A Kethen When you travel to a city — stop, look and listen.

Valorie Lucas All you’ve got is your reputation. Don’t mess it up.

Skye Dee Miles After my first heartbreak my mama, Carmen Jones, told me: “This too shall pass.” She was so right.

Shelia Henderson Glenn I was raised by my grandmother. There were two things she would say that I will never forget. “Don’t care if you marry a gorilla — if you love him, I will love him too.” Also, she would say, “When you scream and yell, all the person remembers is the screaming and yelling.” She was straight with no chaser.

Ricardo King Things happen for a reason. It’s either a lesson or a blessing — it’s God’s plan.

Renee Chatman Birds of a feather flock together.

Patricia Garrett Trust no one. And your best friend is your pocketbook.

Nedra Durr Never give up on yourself and never allow others to steal your joy.”

Monica Y. Beasley “Love yourself first” … “Never sleep with a man unless you are willing to have his baby” … “Always have you own, start a business and don’t expect others to spoil you.” I’m blessed she’s still teaching me.

Leon Bilbrew III Ms. Annise Bullock would tell me, “What you expect others to do is your greatest downfall.”

LaVona Lewis “Lead with compassion baby girl. You never know just how much someone needs it,” said Joyce M. Leggett (RIP). I miss her so much.

LaShawn Parker Keep God first in your life.

Kennedi Madisen Taylor If you ain’t happy, get happy.

Doris Foster The same thing that makes you smile, will make you cry.

Curtis E. Bryant Love as you would want to be loved.

Belinda Denise Whatever you do in life, be the best at it.

Ausby Slay The two things that my mother would tell be was, “Boy, if you stood in a circle of people and you all tossed your problems in the center, you would be the first one on your hands and knees taking yours back. She would also say: “When you’re ready to get married, remember to let your wife benefit from all the good you’ve learned along the way and not suffer the mistakes you’ve made. Be a bad boyfriend now, in order to be a good husband later.”

Antrese Dickens Always present your truth and honesty. Be your authentic self, and it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve.”

Anthony D. Snowden You can’t find happiness on someone else’s tears.

Angie Davie-Morris Never give up.

Andrew Thomas Momma loves you no matter what, son.


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