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MOVING THE NEEDLE: Mother, Our First Teacher

Mother, Our First Teacher


Dr Tiffany Tyler

This month we celebrate Mother’s Day. This annual acknowledgment is a great time to remember that mothers often serve as our first teachers. Moreover, it is a great time to ask ourselves what are we birthing.

In this vein, I encourage you to consider all the lessons you’ve been taught along the way. As I ponder my journey, I am reminded of my mother and aunts. The many lessons my mother instilled included old Southern adages, as well as biblical principles. I didn’t always understand the lesson at first — but they have served me well.

Some of the adages or lessons included sayings like, “Everything that you want in a partner, be that yourself.”

I distinctly remember my aunt, Martha Tyler Tolbert, saying: “Tiffany, don’t settle for writing your name on the wall — make sure it is written in history books!”

Other lessons included adages like, “A dog that will bring a bone, will carry a bone.” I was unclear at the time what this meant, but later came to appreciate this statement on the nature of “perceived confidentiality” and gossip.

As I consider the rich investment made by my mother, Rosie Mae Tyler, I am also challenged to ask what am I birthing and what will others say about the results of my engagement (teaching).

It is important to note that mothering or nurturing does not require us to be mothers of physical birth. Should we choose, we can nurture others through mentorship, sponsorship or apprenticeship. We can also choose to birth things like hope, peace, transformation, and joy.

Now, more than ever, we have a nation — a community, a generation — in need of our ability and willingness to nurture, teach, and care! There are tangible opportunities, each day, to give others the benefit of our learning and to learn from one another.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I ask you to join me in consciously birthing the peace, prosperity, hope, and future we desire. I ask you to join me in nurturing a collective consciousness that elevates our community and empowers our children. Join me in seeding the life we want for ourselves and others. Let’s birth together!

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