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#Top3WithAngieTea – May 2019

Nipsey, Roxanne, and … robots?

Things to make you laugh while you’re thinking — but don’t spill the tea 😉

#1. As the weather warms up, so does the city! I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with the Queen and Legend, Director Roxanne Shante. Now this comes courtesy of a women’s empowerment lunch by Rafha Inc. in Las Vegas; Roxanne left me with a few things to think about. Lowkey, homegirl has been on the move. Did you know she has the top-viewed documentary on Netflix and a show on Sirius XM called “Rock the Bells”?

Her story is so inspiring, so you know I had to ask a few questions! I asked Ms. Shante if she has any advice for future creators/executive producers. She said to never hire friends and always keep your word! After surviving breast cancer twice, she does not take life for granted and encourages us to do the same. She advised that we should compliment each other OFTEN! I asked her if she plans on getting back in the business as a mentor of some sort, and she stated she has no interest in the industry and suggested before anyone gets involved to educate and work on yourself on the inside because the game will eat up. Also: DON’T DATE YOUR MANAGER. *sips tea*

This comes as no surprise as this mogul has moved on to bigger and better thangs. You can expect to see her 13-episode HBO deal soon.

But you ain’t heard that from me.

#2. Now listen, I don’t know if you heard but Walmart is trying to replace us y’all!!! J/K, but it’s being reported that Wally World is making plans to have robots AKA “Smart Assistants” in their stores by February of next year!

(ROBOTS?! *Soulja Boy voice*)

You heard me correctly, these robots will be working both in the front and the back of the store. Positions vary from janitor, inventory audits, warehouse scanner, and sorter by department. In Walmart’s defense, they say this decision was made so that the employees could have more time to interact and assist customers. But you and I both know you can have 1,001 smart assistants in one store and still only have one lane open. But I’m going to go ahead and sip this tea and watch the new project develop.

#3. At this point we have all heard about the passing of the great Nipsey Hussle. His impact has definitely left a mark on us all and has challenged us to do more. After his death, his Grammy-nominated album “Victory Lap” was back atop the Billboard charts.

The love and support hasn’t stopped there: the intersection of Crenshaw & Slauson will be renamed for Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom, and Rep. Karen Bass of California made his philanthropic work part of the Congressional record. In April, they unveiled a Nipsey Hussle basketball court mural at a Hyde Park school. Did you know as an entrepreneur, outside of music, he generated an estimated $210 million led to about 40,000 jobs and opportunities?! “Nip The Great” definitely put his money where his community is, and it showed. Now that he has passed, it’s up to the culture to continue the Marathon!

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