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50 Shades Of Black: A Fictitious Exotic Journey For “The Best Part”

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Do you feel me?

Zena connects with a friend and tries to sort out her feelings for Maximus.

After all she’s been through with Maximus lately, Zena needs some time with a good friend. Her longtime girlfriend, Val, is just what the doctor ordered.

So much to talk about. I keep reminding myself to not tell her all my business, but I feel a need to share because the last couple of weeks with Maximus have been amazing but also confusing.

Zena walks into a popular restaurant, Zone, and is seated at a table that looks out onto a busy downtown Atlanta street. Val is a little late, so Zena glances at her phone to see if she received a text.

Zena sends a message: “Where are you? I’m here.”

Val replies: “I’m around the corner. Almost there.”

She is always late, but it will be nice to have some girlfriend time.

Val walks up behind Zena’s chair and startles her with a whisper in her ear mimicking a Barry White voice: “Hey baby, what’choo doing?” Zena quickly turns in surprise.

“Girl, you are so crazy.”

“No I think you are crazy. Why you so jumpy? You think I was HIM?”

“No…who’s HIM?”

“Well, something is going on and I haven’t heard from you in weeks. So what’s going on?”

“Let’s order our food, because you’re always late.”

“That’s not what people say. I get just the opposite. My good-good says, ‘Baby you are always on time.’ Now, what’s been going on? How’s the new job?”

“Okay Val, I can only answer one question at a time.”

“Girl, I am waiting — what is the tea? You have a glow-flow girl. Just tell me about THAT.”

Zena leans forward to Val on the opposite side of the table, and starts spilling the thoughts in her head, in a stream of consciousness.

Well, I have been seeing someone and it has been a crazy time. But a very good time as well. It’s hard to really explain. He is like that favorite dessert that you have when nobody is looking. He makes me feel something I have never felt before, like I am being introduced to my sensual self for the very first time. He hasn’t said that we are exclusive yet, but he takes up so much space in my mind each day from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. I can’t explain what it is. His kisses penetrate deeper to my soul than when we make love. But when he combines both, it’s like an atomic bomb that explodes going all the way down my thighs. Girl, he is HIM.

“Wow! Shut up! I have never had that before, but I know that kind of love might only happen once in a lifetime. So you just enjoy. You are not married and who knows what could happen. Is he successful? What does he do?”

Zena reluctantly speaks after taking a deep breath. “Yes, he is very successful — he owns the advertising firm I work at. But he is very professional and never initiates anything at work. He just shows up at the most unlikely places to show and give me love. I just can’t really explain it.”

“He’s not married is he?”

Another stream of consciousness.

No, I don’t think so. I have been to his townhome and there are no signs of a woman living there or in his life. It’s funny, but we really haven’t had conversations about anyone. He hasn’t asked me and I haven’t really had any conversations with him about other people in his life. It’s just about us when we are together. He gives me uninterrupted attention and care. I know it’s very different, but I think I am ready for different. I did see him at a coffee shop with another woman, and I can’t lie — I was really bothered by it. But I haven’t asked him directly about who the woman was, because the next day after that he showed UP.

“What? What are you talking about?”

Zena has been waiting to tell the story.

Girl, he always shows up when I am in my head thinking about him the most. It was crazy. I had just finished yoga and I was all sweaty, but so relaxed. It was really late at the health club and no one was really there but me … I thought. I was taking a shower and somehow he came inside the shower and started massaging me. I mean all of me with a warm oil and whispering to me how beautiful my skin was and kissing me everywhere. His soft lips kissing me all the way down my back done down to my ankles. It was so erotic. He slowly turned me around to face him, rubbed my hair, caressed my face, and told me to go get dressed and meet him in the lobby because he had a surprise for me. That night was magical.

Zena looks at her phone to see the time and abruptly stops the conversation.

“What time is it? Val, I have to go — I am so sorry. I forgot I have a meeting a have to get to. But I will call you later.”

“Okay, Zena. You better call me, girl.”

“I will.”

Early Saturday morning Zena goes on her morning jog at the park down the block from her apartment. She receives a text form Maximus. Zena smiles as she reads it.

“Where are you? I need you now.”

“I am on my jog. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong. Everything is right. I just want us to connect right now — spiritually.”

Zena smiles with curiosity and continues to read texts from Maximus.

“Do you feel me?”

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