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An Acute Need Exists, But Is There Any Interest?

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An Acute Need Exists, But Is There Any Interest?


Louie Overstreet

It’s no secret that you can weigh the effectiveness of black alphabet organizations in Vegas with a postage meter.

We have aided and abetted in our community becoming a laughingstock to other ethnic and racial groups in Vegas. I fear that nothing can be done to improve the performance of our regrettable state of impotence, include a 100 milligram purple pill.

There have been three periods of time, since the early 1930s, when we were confronted with social, political, and/or economic destinies: the segregated decades, 1930-1940s; beginning of the integration decades, 1960s-1970s; and during fully integrated times, 1990-2000s.

In the early 1930s, when legalized gambling returned to Nevada, Blacks were forced out of property they owned in downtown Las Vegas and herded into a totally segregated community west of the railroad tracks. We were forced to stay there for the next 35 years.

With the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we — not without incident — could move to other areas of Vegas. Threatened boycotts resulted in the integration of stay hotels on the “Strip” and a federal mandate to attend integrated schools.

While moving freely in a fully integrated society, since the late 1990s, we somehow managed to totally drop the economic ball. I can, but will not, name the three men/three women (let’s call them the Sick Six) who were directly responsible for Blacks not getting a piece of the economic action for most of the last two decades.

Now there exists an acute need to promote a consociation forum where intellectual thought can be concentrated to generate public policy statements capable of impacting local, county, and state governments. Since our alphabet organizations can’t organize a squat contest, involving them would be a waste of time.

However, I know there are old-timers and recent arrivals who possess problem- solving abilities and would be willing to contribute ideas — if they were assured of not being called names by the Sick Six. If you have any interest, please call me at (702) 277-4674.

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