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YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Dr. Ellen Brown

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Get up, stand up!



In just over one year, it will be November 3, 2020 — the day when American citizens who took the time to become registered to vote may exercise their power in determining the next President of the United States. In 1975, Bob Marley released the song, “Get Up, Stand Up” which was about taking Action to avoid oppression. While the song is described as having multiple meanings, power is a main focus of the lyrics.

So, what is power? Basically, power does not exist only on its own; it is the result of a source. The word, or its derivatives, can be a noun, adjective or verb.

Power as a noun is an ability, capacity or possession of some force. The power to vote is acquired when we become an American citizen; a privilege by birthright or naturalization. Conversely, it can be taken away under several circumstances.

Power as an adjective simply describes the force and all the ways it can be activated — its potential. Included are freedom of speech, voting, running for office, joining certain organizations.

Finally, power as a verb is an action resulting from movement, speed or force. Here is where we “Get Up, Stand Up.” Here is where power choices lead to actual consequences; but even more importantly, here is where activation is necessary. Interestingly, “Get up, Stand up” was the last song Bob Marley performed before his death. What a legacy to the world!

All three forms of action will move this nation on November 3, 2020.

Last month, the top 10 Democratic presidential hopefuls took the stage on the campus of Texas Southern University, a historically black college/university, to discuss what they will do when they are elected. Their 5 broad issues: health care, immigration, wars, race, and gun control.

Of course, each discussion was understandably focused on how to beat Trump in each of these issues — but the commentary afterward indicated that few people were inspired by the messages. Change is going to require individual understanding, focus and attention to your own power to get what you want and need out of this life-changing election in 2020. The question is: do you want change? If your answer is yes, the verbs used by Marley are: “GET UP, STAND UP!”

Dr. Ellen Brown, an Affiliate Faculty member at Regis University, writes on political topics that encourage interest, discussion and action. Have a comment, question or idea? Contact Dr. Brown at

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