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PEACE: Finding Peace where there is none

September 10, 2020 by  
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We are constantly looking to stay healthy and away from the deadly coronavirus. It’s the new norm in our daily existence: an uneasiness about life as we now know it and how to adapt.

Our peace has been shaken and is sometimes hard to find. Especially for many who have pre-existing health conditions such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, and immune deficiencies. Therefore, our search for personal peace has to be intentional. Those things we know bring us peace might have to be modified — but not totally denied — because of COVID-19.

If you enjoy meeting with friends and having deep conversations that stimulate your mind, you might want to load the Zoom app to your computer or iPhone so you can still meet with those who make you happy. If the ocean brings you peace, find a beachfront without a huge gathering of people — where you can practice your own social distancing while absorbing the sound of the waves.

Peace for all of us must now be approached with conscious intention. Go for what you know brings you through the moments — and peace will be found.

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