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We must send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House on Election Day 2020

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We must send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House on Election Day 2020

Las Vegas Black Image is proud to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris in their campaign to become the next President and Vice President of the United States. Their platform is a plan to begin restoring the soul of America.

This is the time. Everyone eligible to cast a ballot on November 3 must go to the polls and vote as if our lives depend on it — because they may.

Here’s why we have to send Biden and Harris to the White House.

Joe Biden on Criminal Justice Reform

As a young lawyer, he worked as a public defender — and saw up close how the system is too often stacked against folks.

  • That the people who “most” need help are often “least” able to afford it.
  • That far too many Black and Brown people are incarcerated.

Joe knows it’s time to put justice in criminal justice:

  • We can reduce both our prison population and violent crime.
  • Support survivors of violence.
  • Root out racism from our laws, institutions, and culture.

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

In the first 100 days of his presidency Joe Biden will:

  • Create a national police oversight commission — to include civil rights leaders, police, and experts in criminal justice and police reform.
  • Get every police department in the country to undertake a comprehensive review of the hiring, training, and de-escalation practices.
  • Start working with local police departments to do real community policing — getting officers out of their cruisers and into the community, building relationships with the people they’re supposed to serve and protect.
  • Investigate systemic police brutality and require departments to reform.

And Joe Biden has pledged to work for broader criminal justice reform, too:

  • Invest $20 billion to drive states’ shift from incarceration to prevention.
  • End cash bail. No one should serve time just because they’re poor.
  • Decriminalize marijuana, automatically expunge records for possession.
  • End incarceration for drug use. Divert people to drug courts & treatment.
  • Eliminate mandatory minimums.
  • End the federal crack-cocaine disparity once and for all.
  • Stop corporations from profiteering off incarceration: No private prisons.
  • Invest $1 billion per year in juvenile justice reform.
  • Expand access to mental health and substance misuse treatment-and job training and educational opportunities — during and after incarceration.
  • Invest $300 million in community-oriented policing.
  • Expand the Justice Department’s power to crack down on systemic misconduct in police departments and prosecutor’s offices.

Joe Biden will fight every day to lead towards racial justice

  • Biden will fight to end the deadly health inequities that COVID-19 has amplified.
  • Expand Obamacare with a public option: it’s the fastest path to universal care.
  • Double funding for community health centers, on the front lines of care.
  • Make all coronavirus testing, treatment, and any vaccine free for everyone.

  • Biden will fight to give every child the same strong start in life:
  • Provide Universal Pre-K
  • Triple Title 1 funding, to close the gap between rich and poor schools.
  • Make public college free for any family earning less than $125K a year.

Joe Biden will work for health equity — not just health care. He’ll work across issues, in all he does, to build a more just, inclusive nation. First, Biden would:

  • Exponentially ramp up testing — and make sure it reaches every corner of this country.
  • Get critical medical equipment and care to hospitals in every community.
  • End Trump’s deadly lawsuit to overturn Obamacare.

Then, Biden will build on Obamacare with a new public option:

  • Lower premiums, deductibles, drug costs.
  • Automatically enroll eligible people in states that rejected Medicaid expansion.
  • Lower Medicare eligibility age to 60, to give more people options.

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