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HEALTH IS THE NEW HAPPY! Rest and relax!

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Rest and relax!


Tiffany McNeely

I came home and could only make it to the couch. Unfolded laundry was piled on the other side of me and there were toys on the floor. As I called out for my daughter to get my wallet — so I could just order pizza — my mind was telling me to get up. But my body would not listen. I couldn’t even lift my legs!

Have you ever been so tired that your body just gave out? That was me after three hard weeks of working out, going through my day-to-day at work, keeping the normal routine at home, and trying to squeeze in an adult social life for my own peace of mind. Sometimes we are so focused on go-go-go that we forget that rest is very important for our health.

Many of us find it hard to rest because we’re perfectionists or fear failure (perhaps both), according to Kelly Vincent, PsyD, a registered psychological assistant who works with young adults, women, professionals and athletes in Lafayette, Calif. “Even though we may not recognize it as perfectionism,” she said, “at times we are desperately trying so hard to be perfect by doing, accomplishing, and achieving everything we set our minds to.”

I can say that as a woman I am always trying to do it all — because I have been conditioned to be strong no matter what. I find that when I skip resting and just doing nothing that I lose my mojo or that pep in my step. Once I finally give into rest I can snap back with more energy and clarity.

We should plan time for rest throughout the week, to ensure we are getting enough time to recharge. As a busy single mom, I have to plan ahead for my recharge time. Every three months I go on a weekend trip without my kids. It gives me time to do something without having to think or have anyone depending on me. No work phone calls. My kids give me that time without non-stop calls for things they may need. During the month I try to pick a few nights to go out and have my own free time. I also work out at least three times a week to focus on my physical and mental health.

Find a schedule that works for your family. Sit down for a conversation about how to carve out time for yourself. Sleep is also important and a great form of rest. Waking up later on a day off or taking a cat nap recharges us more than we think. Here are some ways that you can rest and clear your mind: Try getting a massage, taking a hot bath, doing yoga, meditating, listening to music without words, sunbathing, taking a peaceful walk, or reading. Don’t wait to rest and relax — you deserve it!

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