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HEALTH IS THE NEW HAPPY! New Year, New Mindset

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New Year, New Mindset


Tiffany McNeely

It’s finally 2021! Give yourself a break and a hug! This pandemic caught us all by surprise. If you were like many of us, your mind may have felt like it was going crazy. I know I felt like I was out of my mind at first. A fog for weeks. The top two searched questions on Google in 2020 were, “Is it normal to talk to yourself?” and “Is it normal to cry every day?”

I said to give yourself a break, because a lot of crying took place in 2020. It’s OK. We will be OK. The beauty of this is that we all are experiencing this together. Mentally it took a toll on us all. I do believe that now is the time to start new and renew your thinking to make 2021 a better year.

I always take the first month of the new year to reflect. I ask myself what are we going to do better this year. It’s really a time to look within myself and be real with myself. When you have a positive mindset it will allow you to go far and achieve your goals.

For example, I know on my busy weeks, if I don’t tell myself that I am going to meal prep and get myself ready I end up spending more money that week because I choose to eat out. Other times, I may be working out and it begins to get difficult. If I say in my mind “I can’t do this … it hurts … it’s too hard,” I will stop to take a break or want to quit versus telling myself “Keep going … you got this … come on girl!” and put my foot on the throttle.

I wanted to share my goals with you for 2021. I look at all aspects of my life so that I can work to achieve balance in all areas. I like to write a list out and post it on my wall to remind me every day:

  • Physical goals: Lose 50 pounds (carryover from 2020), workout 3-4 times a week, run a mile under 10 minutes, and love your body no matter what!
  • Mental goals: Meditate and pray in the a.m., continue reading personal development and leadership books, stop saying yes, stop answering text messages and calls right away, cut off things that don’t serve me, and continue to give through community service
  • Business goals: develop a marketing plan for 2021, increase sales by 40%
  • Education goals: invest in me, finish my AA (9 classes away), take my CAM, train and study taking a role as a public servant
  • Girl Get it together goals: stop eating out every day. Meal prep daily, save more money, stop scrolling when you’re bored (social media), drink your gallon of water, and tell yourself you are worthy daily!

Remember who you are and don’t look back. The year 2021 will be epic if you say so!

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