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PEACE: The control we set free

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Society often demands that we stay in control given the positions we maintain. The consistent discipline that the world depends on is itself dependent upon our ability to assimilate and regulate our comfort. But sometimes the universe demands that we stop and release. Let go — and trust the motion of the earth to turn in the direction of destiny.

Many have faith — but few practice it when it is required most. Our lives have programmed us to perform when the lights come on and to dim the lights when attention is magnified. Tugging is often our constant. Tug in the direction we perceive we must go. Pull until our bodies land on the side of acceptance.

But what if we were to float in the sea of the universe and dip under until sound is mute? Allowing the waves of circumstance to float us into a direction of love. Love that is all embracing with no time limit. The Tik Tok clicks no more; rather, the rhythmic motion only leads by vibrations of the soul.

Yes, let go! Relax and trust the will of the universe. Wake up when there is no sun. Feel the breeze of total freedom. Freedom of the mind that leads to creative funk. The colors of the world will guide your journey towards grateful surrender.

Forgiveness is there in the quiet of your push. Peace is there in the drop of the hold. Empty allowing the new to grow and develop into the spark that lights up your sky. The inevitable is there in the release.

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