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Community Speaks – February 2021

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What is the first thing you want to see addressed by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris?

Antonio Holliday I would like to see renters held accountable for at least 60% of their rent. Property owners are losing a ton of money and getting in debt because of bad tenants. They are taking advantage of “no rent or postponed rent.”

Peace Webb I would like the new President and Vice President to deal with police brutality, homelessness, poverty, the wealth gap, all the damage done at the border, justice for Breonna Taylor, and justice for Bill Cosby.

Joseph Anuda Bryant I think the obvious approach is to get COVID handled and get the National Guard back home to their families.

James Allen In this order, the new administration should focus on everything COVID related, then Trump impeachment, and finding the parents of hundreds of children left in detention centers.

Penny Fuller So many things, but at the top of my list — aside from COVID relief — I think about parents and families and how they must be reunited with their children. In response to Trump’s insane practice of separating parents from their children. My mother’s heart hurts over this.

Michael Towers Sr. Work for the people and not the party.

Johanna Perez I would like the President and Vice President to focus on housing for people that lost everything or never had anything to start with.

Isar King Sending Trump and his gang of thugs and thieves to Gitmo.

Stephen Mumford I would like the new administration to combat COVID and go after progressive initiatives such as health care subsidies and/or free healthcare, affordable college, free trade school and college, and declaring war on domestic terrorists and hate groups.

Wilma Easley-Roberts I would like health and wellness to be first on their agenda.

Lovern Costner I would like to see immigration reform and holding people accountable for putting children in cages.

Tony Smith II Make sure there’s no duplicate keys to the White House and then COVID.

Dan Napier There is a list of issues that I think should be dealt with: everything COVID, Trump impeachment, economic stability and jobs, healthcare, education, racial inequality, foreign policy, the environment, infrastructure, winning primary elections and appointing Stacey Abrams as a national coordinator to retain and gain House and Senate seats.

Trench Keith I would like them to revisit the lawsuit Pigford vs. Glickman and provide reparations for Black farmers who were cheated by USDA for decades. Increase compensation to $50 billion in non-repayable land grants and no-interest planting loans.

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