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HEALTH IS THE NEW HAPPY! Life is but a dream

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Life is but a dream


Tiffany McNeely

“Life is but a dream.” This catchphrase has so much meaning to me now that I am older.

Do you ever notice that life goes by so fast? You have goals and plans in life and notice that your nights are filled with dreams about these goals and plans. Do you ever wonder what these dreams mean and how they can help to better your life? Do you ever wonder how you can use them to become a better version of yourself?

I’ve always been a dreamer at night. I realized that so many things that I would dream would come true in my real life — maybe a different person involved or a little bit different scenario, but for the most part everything seems to come to life.

What if you could dream your life true? What if we already are dreaming it and it’s just not to the fullest potential yet? I had the opportunity to meet Jen The Rainmaker, founder of DreamYOU University, and see some of her videos online. It was at that moment I realized that I may need more insight to navigate in my dream life — and learn how to be more conscious or awake.

I’ve had many lucid dreams — meaning they felt very real. Some may be positive, but others were scary to the point where my mind would tell me to wake up. I would try to pull out of the dream, but it was so heavy it would pull me back in — and I couldn’t wake up.

If you’re like me — either a dreamer or curious about how your dream life can change your real life — I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Jen The Rainmaker at DreamYOU University. Jen is a descendant of Chichimeca Dream Warriors who believed that our dreams create our reality. In DreamYOU, she teaches how to program our dreams to consciously create the reality we desire — using practices that were passed down for thousands of years through her ancestors’ oral tradition. This is also a way to reprogram your subconscious while you sleep.

Over the years, her school has grown by word-of-mouth from her Dream Planting 101 students —who have referred their families, friends, and even clients. Her students often say Dream Planting Works. So far my experience with the meditation and other practices she teaches has helped ease my anxiety and allowed me to feel more free and awake to my reality.

I do believe anyone — no matter their walk of faith — can benefit from learning from Jen The Rainmaker. May the peace be with you all.

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