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PEACE: The One Constant

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Life is ever changing. In the midst of it all, there is peace in becoming one with yourself — because at the end, you only have you.

We are the sum of our experiences and the people who surround us. Our history marks the path we travel, and it is important to know ourselves in order to construct the change we desire. Things ultimately fall in with our individuality. Your decision to be or not to be.

It’s all relative how one chooses a life of excellence or mediocrity. One is not better than the other, but the ultimate judge is the peace to sleep well at night.

We can live a life of celebration for all that we encounter. Some things bring blessings and the others bring pain. But the lessons are constant. Be the constant you want to see.

Life is one. You only get one, and only you have the opportunity to experience it. You can skip, hop, walk, or run through the life granted by the Most High, or you can rhythmically balance life with the occasional download of a funky beat — and enjoy it.

It’s real. And our strength is the ability to interpret things that never catch us by surprise. It’s either stay or go. The beauty is what we find physically or mentally. Peace is the ability to “let go.”

Time is not our friend. It serves as the measurement of a life lived, good or bad. The memories are all that we can maintain, until time takes it away. Live, laugh and produce. Produce in order to feel purpose, and then you can rest.

Peace awaits.

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