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Water is alive


Tiffany McNeely

Growing up, I was a juice and soda drinker. I can remember opening up my lunchbox and looking forward to drinking my Capri Sun every day!

Water was something I would drink at school if I was in class and got thirsty or was sick. It was not until I reached adulthood that I learned that water is essential for optimal health. I wanted to have that glowing skin and to not be thirsty all of the time. I discovered that water helps to digest your food and get rid of waste.

Water aids your digestive juices and also is used for your urine (pee), and poop. When you work out, water is the main ingredient that comes out as perspiration, also called sweat. Every cell in your body uses water for its unique process. We are made up of 70% to 90% water.

I started to really enjoy water and I did not quit soda and juice cold turkey. Here are a few tips that will help you start to drink more water daily. Remember you should be drinking up to a gallon a day.

You can start infusing your water with fruit and agave or honey. I use mason jars and prep at night for a few days at a time. I love using watermelon and lime or strawberry and mint or mint and lime. Mix it up! Have fun!

Instead of soda try a sparkling water mixed with fruit to re-create that soda you like. So I love Sprite! I mixed a La Croix with lime/lemon juice and a hint of agave. It tastes amazing and has the bubble I am looking for. You can try this same mix with a splash of crushed cranberries as well.

I buy the gallon jugs with the white handle of Crystal Geyser to drink for the day. It’s easy to carry and you can see how much you drink daily. I will mark off 8 sections on the side and drink throughout the day.

One secret I learned from my personal trainer is to drink 3 to 4 cups of water when I first wake up. This puts you ahead of the game to get your gallon in. You have less to worry about drinking throughout your day by doing this.

Remember your body systems — skin, hair, and mind — all benefit from you drinking a gallon a day. You will see a huge difference if you can do this daily and cut out sodas and processed juices/drinks.

Take the challenge! For the next 30 days drink your gallon a day and tag me with your photo of your gallon! I would love to see you drinking that water!

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