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Insane Pursuits Will Be America’s Downfall | By Louie Overstreet

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Insane Pursuits Will Be Americas Downfall


Louie Overstreet

It is your boy Johnny One Note again, predicting America’s demise if something is not done under the current Administration to reverse the current insane pursuits taking place in America.

I hope I sound more like the village elder and not the village idiot when I speak out not to change Repugs, but to let them know they will never change me. Insane pursuits by too many Americans or special interest groups are doing irreparable damage to the values that have held our nation together through good and bad times for nearly two-and-a-half centuries and dozens of wars.

I do not define insanity as being crazy — but rather the suspension of logical reasoning and engaging in irrational conduct to gain wealth, racial supremacy, and political dominance in America, a multiracial and multiethnic nation.

Sustaining the foregoing acts of depravity requires the constant violation of longstanding American values such as the right for labor to organize, a colorblind justice system, and the concept of one person, one vote. All are foundational bases for any federal republic.

While America mistakenly and foolishly continues to engage in the insane pursuits of perpetuating wealth disparity, racial strife and injustice, nations such China are going to outpace us with advances in robotics and artificial intelligence — thus becoming the world’s dominant economic power in the not-too-distant future.

In addition to the insanity of it all, it is the height of stupidity to oppress persons of color and suppress the aspirations of females to the extent that we fail to maximize the potential of these persons to contribute to a productive society — and at the same time think we can remain a the United States of America. The beacon for the last best hope in a world that is much smaller and different than when we won a world war on two fronts 76 years ago.

However, if nothing changes, history will record that once upon a time there was a nation that stopped trying to build a more perfect union and instead went insane.

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