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YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Dr. Ellen Brown

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Power in the present tense



Power “is.” Power is not a “wasn’t.” Power is always now.

Confusing? Let’s keep going. You may be able to hold on to power for a while, but since it is a force (like the sea) it must continue its living activity by moving on. If it returns, it won’t be the same — because the situation, the people, the need and interest will have changed, making it necessary to alter the previous force.

Let’s look at what political power is today in our country, our world. We have talked quite a bit over the past four years about power — who has it and how they are managing or controlling it. The power group that has been on the front line gained even more because of the administration and their common interests. The power group on the “other” side of the aisle had to fight every day on every issue just to keep what they have, but the main party still seemed to come out ahead. So, power did not die; Power still “is.” Remember the cliché: “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes — because when it does, it is today.” Today is always today, power is always power, but the force is given to the circumstance in control.

I have a fantasy that “power” is living the life right now. Never in our known history have there been so many capital-letter causes all battling for the spotlight at the same time: Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Immigration, Climate Change, Voting Rights, Affordable Health Care, Fair Housing, Police Brutality, Gun Violence, Criminal Justice Reform, Gender Equality, Education Reform, Safe Schools, and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

I’m sure I left out something very important to you — and absence from the list does not disrespect what those are. The message I am nervously trying to convey here is a complicated one, and it requires thought, consideration of the circumstances and along with several other things it comes down to finding ways to harness the Power while it is in your arena; while its place is conducive to the needs that you have and can be advanced while it is there.

Take advantage of the circumstances, stand up for your causes, find a place where you can fit in and join with like minds to make a difference while the force is in your control. Find a way to get to leaders who are there for the public interest. It won’t be there forever, so contemplate who are the people that can represent your interests, find out how you can help, then go to work with them! Consider yourself as a candidate!

The sea does not stand still, but while it is in your backyard, work with it and harness the power to make life better.

Dr. Ellen Brown is an affiliate faculty member at Regis University, Denver. Contact Dr. Brown at

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