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We are living in a day where there is so much division causing ongoing hostility, violence, and death. Those of us who are God fearing must ask the question: “What part am I playing in the consistent divide and the division within my own community?”

We all can be honest with ourselves and speak the truth. Even if it is within the quiet noise reflecting from our hearts. Everyone knows when you hear nonsense, but because of the need to feel accepted within a particular group—you join in. Just know to follow nonsense or cancelling people, things, or concepts knocks at the door of your insecurities and perpetuates a movement of destruction that will soon affect your children’s dreams of progression.

The unification of a community is the greatest gift we give ourselves. To only support static and a non-level up mindset is to take a hammer and crush the hopes and dreams of our ancestors. The wonderful thing is that there is space. There is space for you to expand your wings of creativity and to be you! No one can really take anything from you. No one can be you. The evolution of a true leader and creator can’t ever be stopped by any duplicity. Others will always desire the authentic quench of the real thing!

We must embody a repellent against those who wish to divide with negative words to pull others away. Away from what threatens them.

Choose to be an activist for unification — no matter the cost. Be the warrior to lead instead of being led to say negative words, act dismissively, or stop a celebration when someone wins —especially within our community.

Peace is found when you open the space for people to be themselves, and in return you will find space for yourself.

Unite with love. Remember God made you also in the image of Himself and don’t let anyone or anything cancel that part! Frankie Beverly said it best: “WE ARE ONE!”

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