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PEACE: Waiting brings peace

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Our lives are so demanding and we’re always in a rush to meet expectations so that outcomes are what we’ve planned. Sometimes the plan is derailed, which brings discomfort and anxiety. But can we build our muscle for unconditional patience? Can we release the control we think we have on the Universe?

Taking time to rethink and re-navigate when a situation presents itself will bring about a trust that is rewarded. Setting aside one’s ego and eagerness to protect the control will make space for calm. Also: putting yourself in positions where you must consistently practice patience is a red flag — and should signal that you might want to reevaluate that particular person, place or situation. Just close that door and focus on opening the door that nourishes peace and calm.

Not every situation or person deserves a front row seat in your life. But if you cherish the person or situation, then shift your emotions in neutral and pause. Pause for the negativity to pass and you will rise.

Not everything is waiting for your response. The impulse to respond is stimulated by ego and how you think others are perceiving the situation. Just stay in that moment of silence when challenged with an uncomfortable interaction. You are the Kings and Queens of your spiritual well-being, and don’t get shook. Remember: you are the light that all see from your shine.

Just hurry up and wait. Patience is really one of the greatest gifts we have. Even when you are developing a great idea or business, it can be financially beneficial to wait while you do the research and investigate viability.

Peace is waiting for you to receive it.

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