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Its a new dawn and Im feeling good



Nina Simone recorded this song for her 1965 album, “I Put a Spell on You.” The focus of the song, written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, was most decidedly political. You know what was going on at the time. The Black community was pursuing steps toward change and that is what Simone was expressing in her rendition of this song. But as we look to the future, we should never forget the past. We know from history that the past repeats itself so learn and do as much as possible from the present.

Present. 2021. History of the past has repeated itself. Kyle Rittenhouse, who would have been described back in the day as a hot-headed little punk, took advantage of a situation that was destined to be volatile and killed two people. It’s a New Day, but the past is repeated in this scenario. This 17 year-old, who undoubtedly killed two and left a third maimed for life, received the benefit of the doubt and was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Several commentaries have been published for both sides, but for those upholding his innocence, I cannot see it as a good thing for anyone, including the child, Rittenhouse. If a person loses life by the hand of another, it most often is found to be accidental, self-defense, murder, or manslaughter. Not guilty? It’s a new day — or is it?

My purpose here is not to debate the law as it was presented by both sides in this case. I am not qualified to do that; however, since 1964, there has been nearly 60 years of history continuing to be written about the inequities of the justice system. Not only because of the people who seem to consistently receive questionable treatment — but because for some, a new day just never seems to come very often, and when it does, the new dawn, the new life is an exception versus a rule. Feeling good is a valid goal.

Never give up on what you believe. Stay woke, use your power and stay focused on everyone feeling good. You have the power!

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Dr. Ellen Brown is an affiliate faculty member at Regis University, Denver. Contact Dr. Brown at

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