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Is This How The World Ends? I Sure Hope Not! | By Louie Overstreet

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Louie Overstreet

My life began a couple of months before America’s entrance into WWII, which ended before I started kindergarten. I witnessed the foolishness of MacArthur’s decision in Korea, the Cuban missile crisis, Westmoreland’s insistence on expanding the war in Viet Nam, two wars in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan. However, at no time, until now, did I feel this could be the war that ends the world.

Since WWII, this is the first war where race factored in a negative way on the “good side.” In WWII, America was heavily criticized for its racist policies and the use of segregated forces. Now, Ukraine and several neighboring countries are facing a new spotlight on racist refugee policies.

The beginning of the end of segregated forces started before the end of WWII, when the performance of Black troops during the Battle of the Bulge forced the army to form some integrated units in Germany to fight to the end of the war in May 1945.

Presently, we are not combatants in the current war, but racism raised its ugly head in how persons of color, particularly African students, were being treated at checkpoints for refugees. It was shown on TV where refugees with multiple pieces of luggage and pets, were allowed to board trains, without having to leave their extra luggage and pets behind, before persons of color were allowed to board.

Intense media coverage has helped to mitigate this problem. However, ain’t it amazing to see some persons and institutions’ willingness to be racist until their possible dying day?

Of note, the illogical reasons Putin is giving for starting the war, would be laughable if he did not possess over 4,300 nuclear weapons. Which is more than we have. Be that as it may, agnostics and atheists, you are on your own. However, as a person of faith, but not in the traditional organized religious sense (since many religions are more segregated than American troops during WWII or trains in Ukraine last week), I am praying every night for this not to be the end!

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