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PEACE: The power of one!

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As we can see with the war in Ukraine, one person can cause massive human suffering. Contrary to this evil, we should be awakened to the power of love and doing right — because one person also has the power to do good if only conceived and believed.

Power is in your God-given spirit to draw upon your talents to lead towards a better way. Our minds and hearts are so powerful — and the more you tap into your strengths, He will guide you. The nurturing of your love can heal a hurting and confused life. The passion of your words can inspire positive change.

Fear is a distraction to take your power away — it’s not real. It’s only a manifestation keeping you from your higher self — your true self. We all have a divine purpose that is already ordained, and it’s up to us to release and have faith in the path.

So many fight each day to have power. But the reality is that there is no fight to obtain it. It really is contrary to human nature. There is not a power pulling a tree root out of the ground to grow. There is no power squeezing a cloud for rain. There is no power forcing the flower to bloom. The universe doesn’t work like this. It’s only man who has created force to gain power — but not real power.

The power is in the silent, gentle, and natural way of flow. Flowing with the compass of life. Listening to the cries and guided by intellectual direction fueled by good. Corruption and stoic response is a crowded place of evil. The emotional feeling people are the sheroes and heroes who the earth depends on.

Your power is powerful. He gave it to us a long time ago. Masked ones try to assist in our confusion by giving us fake methods of redemption. Be aware and stay true to the plant based life. The life that doesn’t push or pull—but who is just I AM.

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