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PEACE: A Mother’s Love Is Peace

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The feeling of ultimate love is the love from a mother. A mother whose embrace is unconditional, ordained by the universe. The breath a mother uses to speak life into any situation serves as the guide to travel. Wisdom is a mother’s embodiment that is expressed to serve as the ultimate reference point.

The nourishment a mother lends to grow her children in the right direction is both intellectual and instinctive. The earth revolves around the mother’s will to make the wrongs right in accordance with His plan.

The eyes of a mother see all things and choose to navigate towards progress. The lessons taught are both verbal and wordless, but they serve as the ultimate directive. She makes no apologies for sitting on her throne.

Mother, Mom, or Mama is our cry to feel her warmth. She answers always with consistency. There is no expiration date for a mother’s love for her family and children. Her orders have been written in stone and stand strong like the pyramids in Egypt. The mystique is forever a marvel.

The river runs through her every movement, weaving in rhythmic motion to meet the unexpected. The house is built and maintained with spiritual flow. Love is its own foundation, opening closed doors to experience the gift of life.

Her beauty is mirrored through the flowers, oceans, trees, and green grass that is granted her glance.

Mama is SHE, HER, and more importantly our PEACE. Thank you!

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