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PEACE: Cleansing your soul to make room for the new

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It is important to be truthful about feelings, because they are often alarms. Your subconscious might be trying to tell you to wake up! There might be a disturbance within your surroundings that is preparing you for violations of trust, love, and security.

Don’t be afraid to confront people or circumstances that threaten your peace. Remember: our ancestors faced the worst of derogation, enslavement, and murder — and still their legacy strength has survived.

There are times when you must build a barricade to protect your soul. The soul of our people endures the worst while arriving alive on the other side of trouble. The bravest hearts understand that greatness lies within their courage. Stare into the eyes of the disloyal ones, so that the flame of your goodness bleeds into their existence. Send them back into their holes, so no one will smell their stench.

It is with all of this in mind that we reflect on the impact of Black fatherhood. For generations, Black fathers have been a source of wisdom and direction toward a better life.

Happiness awaits. Live each day in abundance of love. Give love to those who themselves are the essence of love — they possess the light that guides you towards His grace.

The gift of faith refreshes the new. Believe in the moments that fulfill your greatest aspirations. Life is good! Trust yourself to know the path toward your destiny.

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