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YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Dr. Ellen Brown

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Ramp up your political game



The country is captivated by midterm politics. Seems as though every month brings to the forefront an increasing number of issues, challenges, questions, decisions, thoughts, crises, tragedies, unbelievable occurrences. The list is endless. They say it is due to the increasing amount of information made available to us through endless resources. We become overwhelmed, but is that the consequence of access to information needed? Does it seem that the political process never takes a break? Again, overload. It is the consequence of increasing availability of information. The question to ask ourselves is how much information do we need?

How much information do we want? When we feel or believe we are not given access it is often concluded to be intentional for several reasons. Here is how I make sense of the situation: Identify the issues that affect me and my interests most and focus on those in the news, television, radio, conversations. For those who say they don’t have anything to do with politics, accept the reality that choices will be made without your input or thought of how you will function in areas that affect your interests. This is not my first time on this topic because I continue to have conversations with friends and family who choose to turn away. That is our right to do so. If you want to see change in any way, you are going to have to make some noise. How?

Send $20 to a campaign or cause you care about. Not enough? If 100 of us do so for one candidates’ campaign, there’s $2,000 more the campaign has to make a difference.

Sign up for campaign duty and ask 10 friends, neighbors, family to join you. The result? If each one of you made 10 contacts, 100 more people become informed and may result in them registering and voting.

It may not seem like a significant contribution, but I have never heard anyone running for office refuse help for their campaign. Think about it: ramp it up!

Dr. Ellen Brown is a retired university dean, and current Affiliate Faculty member at Regis University, Denver. Contact her at ebrown.nci@gmail.com

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