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America’s favorite pastime: gun violence blame | By Louie Overstreet

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Louie Overstreet

Growing up in Cleveland in the 1940s and ‘50s, baseball was America’s favorite pastime — especially for me, when Larry Doby and Satchel Paige helped to win the 1948 World Series.

However, at the start of the Third Millennium, the blame game has eclipsed baseball as our nation’s favorite pastime.

On the macro level, I would say there are two reasons for the blame game: unbridled liberalism and bigoted tribalism

I define unbridled liberalism as the mistaken belief that big government can be all things to all people by giving out mythical free lunches. Bigoted tribalism is defined by me as a particular tribe believing it is privileged — and as such, deserves the status as the permanent ruling class in our democracy.

Gun violence is now, by far, America’s most deadly ballgame. And it is being played with increasing animus — sportsmanship be damned, and to the victor goes the spoils — which means no legislation is being passed to cure the violence.

However, the losers are not either side of the spineless ball-playing politicians. The losers are grieving citizens, whose lives will never be the same.

I have often accused our country of turning into a “gun nut” nation for the following reasons:

The unhealthy involvement of the NRA in the body politic

Chicken poop politicians

Total misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment, contained in the Bill of Rights. Speaking the truth requires me to report the Second Amendment had nothing to do with guarding against the British re-invading America; it was put in place to enable enslavers to put down slave rebellions — since Black people had no citizenship rights in the Constitution.

Selling fools on the notion that a national race war is needed to “take our country back.”

Murder is normally an intra-racial occurrence. If not, there would be gun control

Race replacement theory.

I do not have the column inches to expand upon each bullet point, so I will close by paraphrasing Count Oxenstierna: dost thou not know with how little wisdom the United States is governed?

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