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It’s Only Gonna Get Worser | By Louie Overstreet

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Louie Overstreet

The grammatically incorrect title to this column notwithstanding, it accurately reflects my forecast that American democracy is facing a clear and present danger.

Heretofore, the domestic part of the phrase “all enemies foreign and domestic,” has not been needed since the Civil War — except for the KKK, which had no chance of bringing down America’s democracy.

However, I begin to give more thought to how this could now be the case, where domestic enemies could destroy America from within. My first inkling dates back to the carnage caused by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, back in 1995.

Since then, there has been a steady rise in supremacist groups and oppressive laws being passed in southern states — particularly in Florida and Texas. And whether blessed with perfect vision or blind, you should be able to see the devolution of freedoms and the rule of law in America.

Things are so bad now, you would have a tough time convincing me which is the stronger emotion — love or hate. Our nation has moved well beyond where too many of us are willing to cut off our noses to spite our faces.

When conditions in America reach an irreversible state and so you can’t say you were unaware, please allow me to list five reasons why you will be unable to cop a plea:

Republican politicians fomenting division and doing nothing about gun violence.

Supremacist groups stocking up on assault weapons for a looming race war.

SCOTUS, reversing laws safeguarding women’s right to choose, voting rights for people of color, and again allowing prayer of public-school property.

Evangelicals using the Bible as a prop for their bigoted teachings.

Too many citizens are clueless as to why and what to do about the fact that American democracy is on the endangered species list.

Given America’s current condition, there is a phrase I prefer not hearing again in my lifetime, which is, “That is not who we are!” Presently, in America, given what’s happening, that is exactly who we are!

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