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PEACE: Peace in a Crazy Time

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When all around us is going left and off kilter — it is especially important, as Nipsey Hussle once said, to have all “ten toes on the ground.”

Be unshakable in the midst of confused instability, because it’s really interesting how crazy follows crazy. Don’t be delusional about your individual steps towards right. Numbers don’t necessarily justify truth. The feelings of inclusion have to be reconciled. Groupthink can be a blanket of coldness that freezes positive momentum.

Be the warrior who never backs down when faced with challenges and the entitled ones who lack the integrity and honesty commanded by Him. You are the divine one that our ancestors exhaled with complete confidence — “the job will be done.”

We face the unknown with chins up and shoulders back. Unafraid because we know that our position is ordained and declared as a pathway for humanity. Every step you make is a testament for the next generation. A generation that must be strong to lead for those who don’t see.

Walk in motion with complete rhythmic intention to be who you see yourself as. Possibilities are as vast as the ocean meeting the sky. Spend your time as your soul directs. Cherish the moments that energize your thoughts towards positive innovation.

Be original with your actions that follow the plan of the dreams deferred — reality will be the result giving rise to the never ending. Take my hand trusting the grasp that holds tighter for the ride. Love is the destiny that carries the load.

Your heart will serve as the foundation for mental clarity and will give space for confusion that often serves as the nucleus for invention and creativity.

It is there that we find our peace.

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