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PEACE: Make space for WE!

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It is amazing how ubiquitous silos, cliques, and teams can be. If you have been exposed to or grew up with the idea that you must be accepted into a particular group to make your life worthwhile — that is sad.

This country has historically been built on the concept of “separate and unequal.” So it doesn’t typically bother or disturb anyone who feels a part of what they perceive as “the in crowd.”

But can WE afford it? The damage comes when there is no individuality of thought — progressive thought that can move a community forward.

Where are the courageous ones? Those who understand that the growth of a people or nation comes from innovative thought that is not for the benefit of a small group? We must think BIGGER. Our country was turned upside-down by a bigoted presidential administration that separated itself from the people of this nation by embracing ignorance.

Yes, WE are one. No one will get out of this thing called life without being affected by a self-made separatism that supports a “better than others” mindset.

We have to be aware of OUR history and know what pathologies have been instilled in our collective psyche. It is understandable that some want to maintain a sense of comfort. The unknown is not comfortable for many, so you surround yourself around non-threatening people who don’t challenge you to think or feel differently. You want the seat that has your name on it, and sit with others who maybe only desire your cheers.

Stay WOKE and diversify your movement. Be inclusive and expand your embrace so that others might find the warmth of your touch. It can be done to allow your mind, body and soul to shy away from the constant rhythm of the same old beat.

Move to the beat of your own drum and there you will find Peace that ALL can positively dance to. Make space for WE!

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