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PEACE: Rise UP from HURT!

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This holiday season is like a magical spark that comes in a flash — and as the sun rises, it’s over. Yes, that moment when love is permitted to enter your heart and spread across your face with smiles that capture light. But many of us have been hurt by those closest to us. Hurt by only those who could really blow out the light that carries you through clouds, joys, and complete darkness.

Your space goes silent upon your awakening. Stay woke for those who enter our circle of love who are not of your culture and who refuse to embrace that of your people. They are there to take. We must know and remind members of our circle of love of the foreseen damage that is lurking. The lesson is in knowing.

God gives you many windows to look out from and opportunities to again embrace authentic love. The hurt turns numb when new beginnings are welcomed and accepted. The intention of a father is still alive and rebirthed to destroy the demons who try to destroy his wishes. He awaits to meet the criminals who take the water from his seed.

But joy comes in the morning. Mornings of Kwanzaa with significant daily guidance that feeds into the hearts and minds of families. Families that are united by cultural love, creating a connectivity that saves nations. Power is electric and instead of propelling those who lack away — many just envy and try to break through and break down.

Stay WISE and RISE. Our ancestors have ordained our missions to be the most in times of trials and tribulations. WE RISE — others look up hoping to climb our paths of endurance and consistent sustainability. Our hands always reach back and pull up those in need, not the entitled ones. We are His children with everyday movements that act-out the missions of unconditional love.

Peace is the gift bestowed to the righteous. Happiness is there as you run through the ribbon at the end of the race. New air, new discovery of self, and new pride in knowing all they did to destroy you was only a mist in the wind that you passed by — without even knowing their names.

The holiday is knowing that you RISE and again they are watching your growth and most of all your SMILE! Peace is THERE, YOU GOT THIS!!

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