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PEACE: Happy New Now!

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Every time we conceptualize “new,” it may represent a change that arrives with little certainty. Let’s resolve this year to approach the concept with a mind toward positive movement — stepping into any situation prepared to make magic happen.

We understand that it might take time to accomplish certain tasks that involve others — but those things that uplift your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing are dictated by your own momentum. How are you going to bring balance and peace into your life?

The universe demands organization for perspective and clarity. Nevertheless, we often neglect plans that can nourish and grow our own four-leaf clover. What are those things that give you mental nourishment — that spark motivation, innovation, and hunger for education? Seek that which stimulates you to embrace the reality of your personal freedom, to do and be what your passion SCREAMS.

What are those things that help you slip into that good sleep at night that replenishes your soul to smile even when the rain comes? What is your physical motion that is automatic — making heart and mind move with perfect rhythm and giving rise to circulation for a healthier you?

Release the stress that stagnates your ultimate growth. GET UP! Go where no man or woman has gone before. You are obliged to absorb the light that surrounds you, because a closed mind and heart may never experience the warmth that the world has to offer.

Understanding what fuels you will direct your spirit of intention. Graciousness will bring Him forth when you are in need of understanding in your solitude.

Emotions are so underrated and misunderstood. They lift the veils of confusion. Tapping into feelings can bring about the REAL as it relates to selecting your treasures or the trash you must let go. Get to know your emotional gifts that can be controlled by your own guidance. But always remember: He gave us these gifts of emotions that speak truths to our souls.

No one in this world is like YOU. What a gift!

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