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One White Do And Two Black Don’ts | By Louie Overstreet

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Louie Overstreet

Here is an update on my take on race in America. (I haven’t made enough people mad at me in a while for sharing an opinion that differs from theirs.)

I think America’s future status in the world — our military might notwithstanding — will depend on what white people do and what persons of color, particularly those of us who are descendants of enslaved people, don’t!

White progressives, you need to do your damndest to convince other members of your racial group of one thing: if America is to have a future as the world’s leader, pluralism — not tribalism — must be how we govern our society.

Black folks: don’t expect any reparations or believe that rich white folks need to love you for you to function.

A country that is $30 trillion in debt can’t pay reparations to 40 million Black folks. Furthemore, who would determine need and who gets what? Do Black folks who can trace their arrival in America to 1619 get more money than those whose ancestors arrived on the Clotilda in 1860?

However, the biggest question of all is this: Who pays? Is it companies that were doing business in the South during the time of slavery? If so, there are not enough of them to make a dent. What about the government? How can our government be on the hook, when they fought the war to free us? Also, we can’t expect Northern whites to pay, since they fought the war and lost hundreds of thousands of fathers and sons.

Also, Black folks, let me pull your coats, if you want white folks in power to love you for you to function, then get control over some land, money or votes — and I guarantee you they will love you for days. Otherwise, rich white folks ain’t interested in integrating with poor folks — regardless of what color they are — who don’t empower themselves.

Your behinds can save America, if you care enough to be the best you can be.

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