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PEACE: Happy New Now!

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One of the best things in life is being surrounded by positive, free people and situations. To be with people who are fearless and intentional about their lives — not trying to live by any political mindsets or satisfy insecurities.

Our ancestors paved the way for us to be all that we can be. The check has been paid in full and it is an obligation that we must embrace in order to live a peaceful life.

The vibrations circulate the mind to dream — and more importantly, act — on those desires that are promised. Life is to be lived and made into the vibe that fuels you. The vibe that makes you smile, dance and relax into that deep sleep that regenerates the soul.

Let’s stay woke so we don’t miss the vibes that are calling us. Yes, a disciplined lifestyle is rewarded — but we can’t forget the motion that motivates us to the highest of possibilities.

The vibe is contagious and can be shared with those who see. But individuality in spirit is a must-have in order to properly lead “where no man has gone before.” Yes, there is only one life to be experienced by us all, and it is up to you to live out loud.

Remember: you are a canvas, so paint your life with vibrant colors that can be seen. It is not for others; it’s for yourself. The wind will cast away the discomforts that stutter and pause expression. So come up above the water line and breathe.

Get moving as the sun comes up over the mountains and meet the warmth as it finds you. Yes, you deserve ALL of IT. The love that is hidden, waiting for your call. Don’t hide from the touch of trust and protection. Love lives there.

Remember: It’s a vibe when YOU ARE!”

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